Each time he takes a microphone, he feels an immediate vibration. From birthday parties, to hosting clubs, to the concert hall and much more. The key words are: unique, great voice, charismatic, versatile, elegant and trendy.

Dj Mohtorious is considered as one of the most famous personalities, pioneer of deejay and animation in the city of Montreal (Canada) and has rapidly reached an international status in the last 10 years.  This multi-talented artist is a first-rate reference in the field of entertainment, afrofusion, Caribbean and urban music.

You have doubts? Ask those who are the most hypersensitive or go see for yourself. In February 2020, just before the closing of Covid-19, the 7000 people at Place Bell in Laval were joined by our Dj Hypeman and can all co-sign this message. Watch the video.

The Whole city can’t wait to party with him again, as soon as the concert halls reopen.

Caroline ” Blog The SunLight “.